Volunteers are the heart of the Red Cross. From responding with first-aid and skilled medical care in times of crisis, to caring for those most vulnerable in our communities, Red Cross volunteers live the principles of humanity and impartiality every day. 

VolunteerPhoto: Laura Gallagher, Irish Red Cross

The Irish Red Cross network of over 5000 volunteers make a difference in communities all across Ireland. Depending on where you live, there are different volunteering opportunities for you to consider:


Our highly trained volunteers provide first aid cover at numerous events around the country every week. These events range from concerts to sports events to community festivals.  Trained first aiders can also help in many other situations.

If a colleague is injured at work or a family member at home, would you know what to do? The Red Cross is the world's largest provider of first aid training. We will offer you courses which are of the highest standard and delivered by high quality, experienced instructors.


Irish Red Cross volunteers are often called to help in searches for missing people. Specialist search and rescue skills have been developed by the Red Cross to search for people in mountains and lakes, and general members also provide back-up in such operations.

Our rescue services are available through the 999/112 system as a support to specialist agencies, such as the Irish Coastguard and an Garda Siochana.

Therapeutic Hand Care:

The Therapeutic Hand Care Service is provided by Irish Red Cross volunteers who are trained to give a hand massage and/or a manicure to both men and women in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, day care centres and in their own homes. This simple yet hugely effective service allows our volunteers to reach out to the most vulnerable in our communities, who often have no one else to turn to.

Skin Camouflage:

Our trained Skin Camouflage practitioners provide this unique service in clinics around the country. These volunteers are skilled in the application of special cover creams to improve the appearance of scarring and other disfiguring skin conditions., radically changing people’s lives for the better.

In order to take advantage of any of the above volunteering opportunities, you need to become a member of the Irish Red Cross.  To find out what activities are happening in your area contact your local branch 

Volunteer overseas:

 People often contact during large-scale emergencies to offer to volunteer for us overseas. Although very grateful for the generosity of spirit displayed, we don’t send volunteers overseas. Find out why here.


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