Amundi pledges its commitment to the Irish Red Cross


In this challenging period, everybody wants to help and support others, both locally and globally. Amundi Ireland is aligning with Amundi’s global fundraising campaign for the Red Cross, Amundi Ireland has pledged their support to the Irish Red Cross.


Solidarity is one of Amundi’s founding values. The numerous offers of help from our colleagues are a testimony to this value.





The Irish Red Cross has been on the front line supporting the health care workers and vulnerable members of society since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. The aid it provides requires important funding. This is why Amundi is organising a fundraising drive with your help of its associates to support the Red Cross.


This campaign will last for 3 weeks ( ending 15th May 2020) and Amundi commits to matching in full the donations of each of its employees up to a maximum value of €2.5million globally.


As the Red Cross is an International organisation with agencies in most of the countries where Amundi is present, Amundi aims to engage its teams around the world in this fundraising drive. Amundi Ireland is one of many local entities that have already launched this fundraising project. 


This is a wonderful opportunity for you to help support our community by donating today. 


Nobody knows exactly what lies ahead in the coming weeks and months.  

But we do know that, whatever comes, the Irish Red Cross volunteers – part of an incredible network of over 2,000 highly trained people that are right here in Ireland, will play a central role, assisting the emergency services and supporting vulnerable and isolated people.


Our supporters are an essential part of that effort. Today you can play your part too. 


You too can help support our community by donating today.


 €50 could help to fund oxygen rebreathers in ambulances

 €100 could help support our Irish Red Cross ambulance transfer service

 €250 could help to fund a defibrillator to stop a heart attack

 €500 could buy PPE (personal protective equipment) for Red Cross volunteers


Thank You!

Stay home, stay safe, help others!


* Donations of €250+ are worth 45% extra to the Irish Red Cross if you pay income tax or capital gains tax – at no extra cost to you.


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please email or Freephone 1800 50 70 70