The Red Cross is today coming to terms with the tragic death of yet another staff member. It was confirmed yesterday that Khalil Rasjed Dale, a health programme manager for the International Committee of the Red Cross, was murdered almost 4 months after his abduction in Quetta/Balochistan. Khalil was a highly trusted and respected member of the Red Cross family for 30 years working to provide assistance to in countries such as Sudan, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan. The nature of his death is a reminder of man’s inhumanity to man and yet at the same time, his service to humanity and his courage and bravery over so many years serve only to make us still prouder of all that he has achieved. Our thoughts and sympathy are very much with all our Red Cross colleagues especially those who were fortunate to work with Khalil and we extend our condolences in particular to his family and friends at this time. By Colm Byrne