IrishRedCrossBlogHere in the Irish Red Cross we know how important it is to learn basic first aid skills and the difference a little knowledge can make to a persons life. This is no less evident than in a video that emerged this week of two teenagers who, quickly and bravely, leaped into action when the driver of their school bus suffered a suspected cardiac arrest.  13 year old, Jeremy Wuitschick managed to stop the bus safely before class mate Johnny Wood stepped in to give CPR to the driver.  Johnny knew what to do having trained with the Red Cross, he administered CPR whilst schoolmates called the emergency services. [youtube] Basic first aid training can literally mean the difference between life and death. In Europe, Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies train more than 3.5 million people every year.  In 2010, the Irish Red Cross trained more than 10,000 individuals in first aid. The sudden illness of the school bus driver  is a reminder that anyone of us could find ourselves ill and in need of first aid at any given time. The quick thinking of the 13 year old’s is a reminder to us anyone, no matter what their age or occupation can save a life. Train today!