IRCY set to launch Anti Bullying CampaignBy Sandra Stanley, Head of Youth Services at the Irish Red Cross Irish Red Cross Youth (IRCY) is poised to celebrate World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day 2012 on May the 8th by announcing the winner of their “Anti-bullying Campaign” slogan competition at a ceremony in Dublin. The IRCY Anti-bullying Campaign was created as a direct result of a motion passed at the National Youth Forum in 2011 and continues the tradition of youth-lead programming by the IRCY which empowers youth to become peer educators and make real changes in their communities. The Anti-bullying Campaign sub-group, which is composed chiefly of members under the age of 18, has been developing ideas for building a culture of non-violence and peace in line with this year’s World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day 2012 celebrations. So far the sub-group, with the support of the National Youth Working Group (NYWG) and the Youth Department, issued awareness-raising wristbands to all youth members who attended the National Youth Challenge 2012. The winner of the Anti-bullying Campaign slogan competition will see their slogan used to promote the campaign nationally in 2012. Editors note: If this is a topic of interest to you then you might also be interested in this article from today’s Irish Times – Bullying in Schools