Volunteer Week
Volunteer Week: Agnes Johnson
My name is Agnes Johnson. After bringing up 3 Daughters and 1 Son, I joined the Irish Red Cross and did a Therapeutic Hand Care Course and became a Therapeutic Care Volunteer Practitioner. I have been providing the Therapeutic Hand Care Service for 20 years now. The service consists of a manicure, head, neck and shoulder massage. Over the years I have provided the service in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, day-care centres, information and awareness days for a variety of organisations and groups. Giving this great treatment is a great joy for me as it is a way to communicate care through touch. The fact is that you are spending one-to-one time with a person, and lending them a good listening ear. It is a wonderful feeling to know that in my giving I receive so much in return .In those 20 years of service I have achieved so much in my life. From being very shy I have become very assertive and confident through becoming a Therapeutic Care Instructor. Over the years I have trained hundreds of wonderful Volunteers from all walks of life – all giving their free time to Volunteering. I get a wonderful feeling at the end of the day to know that I have achieved something good for someone maybe by helping to relieve their stress, those with arthritis, special needs or been there as their friend. Thank you Irish Red Cross for changing my life for being a good and better person. Agnes Johnson is a member of the Fairview Branch of the Irish Red Cross in Dublin. She is a member of the Community Services Working Group and a Therapeutic Hand Care Instructor.