5 steps to help a choking infant
Nolie is a young mum with 2 boys under 5 years old.  Though she didn’t know it at the time, refreshing her first aid training would come in handy sooner than she thought. Here’s why Nolie says “Every Parent Should Have First Aid Training“… ‘When I spent my whole 3 weeks in the military I took a first aid course. A couple years later Tobei was on me to take the training again. I argued I didn’t need to. I mean he is fully trained and re qualified every 2 years. Once he pointed out that he isn’t always home I reluctantly went and took the course again. Of course it was all the same darn training but at least it was a good refresher. Tonight I was thankful to have my first aid training. Tobei had gone grocery shopping so it was just me and the boys home. Big Brother was on the computer playing minecraft, Little Brother was playing on the floor with his toys and I was on the couch playing in my iPhone. I glance over at the boys and notice Little Brother has the gagging face going on. However there is no sound coming from him, no gagging sound, no coughing, just the face of someone choking on something. What Happened Next >>> Nolie’s story continued…   Thank you to @Savvymomdotca   5 Steps to help a choking a infant