Every year Ireland’s Fire, Emergency Ambulance and Rescue Service answer thousands of calls over the Halloween period
Four Top Halloween Safety Tips from the Irish Red Cross
Four Top Halloween Safety Tips from the Irish Red Cross
Halloween Safety: Don’t assume that motorists can see you If you are ‘Trick or Treating’ with your family or heading to a Halloween party make sure that you can be seen by all road users.
  • Be sure to give motorists and all road users sufficient time to stop or pass
  • Reflective arm bands and reflective tape added to outfits and bags will help ensure everyone can be seen
  • Where available always use a designated crossing zone
  • Never cross between cars
  • Never cross on a blind corner
Halloween Safety: Safe Trick – or – Treating
  • An Adult should always accompany children whilst trick or treating
  • Take a torch
  • Ensure that each child has a parent’s phone number with them incase they are separated from the group
  • Agree in advance what streets you will go to
  • Avoid dogs, even if you know them, as fireworks can startle even the friendliest dog
  • Avoid knocking on the doors of elderly neighbours
Halloween Safety: Fancy Dress Costumes
  • Ensure that fancy dress costumes are flame-resistant (look for the CE mark)
  • Beware of any small parts on which a child could choke (look for the CE mark)
  • Make sure that the costume length will not cause the child to trip
  • Double check masks to ensure that children can see, hear and breath (look for the CE mark)
Halloween Safety: Bonfires and Fireworks*
  • Keep a safe distance from bonfires at all times
  • Never approach a firework that has failed to go off
  • Know how to treat a burn >> http://on.fb.me/TJQ07A
  • Keep pets indoors to avoid them being injured by fireworks or bonfires
  • end
*(note: The purchase and use of fireworks is illegal in Ireland.) Photo caption: Ahead of this year’s Halloween festivities the Irish Red Cross is encouraging all families to ensure that they have taken all necessary safety precautions and know the correct way to treat a burn. Photographer: Alex Rumford, Red Cross