After our October 1st Irish Red Cross ‘Personal Messaging vs Personal Safety‘ we were interested to see the report in today’s Irish Independent that penalty points are to be doubled for motorists caught using a mobile phone while driving. According to the Treacy Hogan, Irish Independent Journalist, “More than 110 drivers are being caught every day using their phones behind the wheel. A total of 98,200 penalty points have been issued to motorists for using their mobile phone so far this year.” “Road safety campaigners have been clamouring for higher points for certain offences including mobile phone use, to ‘re-invigorate’ the system. An AA survey found that 50pc of motorists admit to making phone calls from mobile phones, while 40pc say they have sent texts. Gardai are also to be given powers to check the mobile phone records of drivers involved in fatal crashes. Such a move would enable investigators to find out if the motorists were on the phone or texting at the time of the accident. If they survived the crash they could then be prosecuted in court.” Read the full article by Treacy Hogan in the Irish Independent