In the run up to our Youth awards, here at Irish Red Cross Youth we are celebrating our amazing Youth members. One of the many activities that youth can get involved with is Positive Images. This programme aims to raise awareness of the humanitarian aspects of migration, looking not only at the various situations that prompt people to leave their homes but also examining the often hazardous journeys vulnerable migrants take and the challenges they face in their new homes. Earlier this year the Positive Images team invited Irish Red Cross Youth members to develop creative, interactive presentations on action-based projects within their local community. Youth were asked to base their projects on topics related to the theme of migration and humanitarianism and to be as imaginative as possible – the results were astounding!!
Irish Red Cross Youth Member, Sorcha Hegarty, works on her patchwork entry
Irish Red Cross Youth Member, Sorcha Hegarty, works on her patchwork entry
Comments such as “great innovation”, “very creative and original”, and “excellent teamwork” were common utterances from the panel of four judges as they tackled the daunting task of finding a winner. After much careful consideration the results are in, a winner has been chosen but before the grand reveal we will be featuring a number of the finalists in a series of blog posts . The overall winner will be announced at the Regional Youth Awards Day taking place 17 November 2012. Finalist 1 | Iran Patchwork Quilt This project focused on inter-cultural understanding, using the case study of Iran. The entry looked at the cultures and traditions of Iran and compared these with life in Ireland, really drawing on the pros and cons of both societies. A patchwork quilt was then designed and created featuring images of traditional Iranian dress, musical instruments, the currency of Iran and the Iranian flag. This quilt was on display at community events where it was used as a discussion point for raising awareness of intercultural understanding.
Iran Patchwork Quilt - Irish Red Cross Youth - Finalist
Iran Patchwork Quilt – Irish Red Cross Youth – Finalist
This comment from one of our judge’s sums up the brilliance of this project – “…says that she now imagines how difficult it must be for someone starting a new life in another country. This is what Positive Images is all about, I love it!!!!” If you would like to find out more about Positive Images or the work that Irish Red Cross Youth are involved with visit our website or find us on Facebook