Many areas of Ireland are currently blanketed in thick snow, driving conditions have become hazardous and the threat of even lower temperatures is looming.
Be Prepared For Winter Weather
Are you ready for winter weather?
Severe weather can strike with little warning and cause major disruption to our homes, families and communities.  With a few simple steps, you can lessen the impact that severe weather has on your family and neighbours: –  Stay informed about bad weather – check severe weather warnings from the Met Éireann and check road conditions regularly with the National Roads Authority and AA Roadwatch –  Take time now to prepare an emergency kit full of essentials for your home and your car- plus a kit for when you’re on the move –  Learn first aid – in just a few hours could help you save a life –  Make sure you have alternative ways to keep warm in case your home heating is disrupted. During severe weather –  Check on neighbours, family and friends – especially those who live alone – to see if they need help –  Clear snow or ice from pathways of those who can’t do it themselves –  Only travel if it’s absolutely necessary