One of my wonderful team (WT) came in to my office earlier.  This was the conversation between us… WT: What are we going to do about the guy who has done a skydive for us? Me: How much did he raise? WT: €20 Me: God. That isn’t a huge amount. WT: No Me: Don’t they cost a few hundred quid to do, with the surplus you raise going to charity? WT: Yes Me: So he basically covered the cost of his sky dive using the Red Cross name, but actually he has only raised €20 more than the cost for the skydive. WT: Yes. Me: In other words, he has got money from people to pay for his skydive, and they think it is coming to charity. WT: Yes. Me: Did he contact us before hand so we could have had a conversation with him to head off something like this happening? WT: No. Me: Ok. Send it back. WT: Send it back? Me: Yes. Send the money back. I don’t want to be a part of this. WT: Me neither. Me: Great.