While we welcome this rare spell of good weather in which Ireland is currently basking and rejoice in the forecast that the sun is here until next week, it does unfortunately bring with it some risks.

In Ireland we are not used to dealing with sun so the risk of getting sun burnt is much higher.  Be sure to take some precautionary steps before heading out to enjoy the sunshine!

Remember that Australian slogan from the 1960’s – ‘Slip! Slop! Slap!’

 SLIP on a shirt

 SLOP on 30+ sunscreen

 SLAP on a hat

 Avoid sunburn by covering up and reapplying sunscreen.

  6 ways to treat sunburn:

1.    Cover the person’s skin in light clothing or a towel

2.    Help remove the person from the sun, preferably go indoors

3.    Encourage the person the take frequent sips of cool water

4.    Cool the affected skin by dabbing it with cool water

5.    If the skin area affected is extensive, have the person cool the skin in a cold bath for 10 minutes

6.    If the burns are mild, calamine or an after sun lotion may soothe them. If it is severe, there is extensive blistering or other skin damage seek medical advice.

 Be aware of other associated conditions including dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

 Remember sunburn is not a short-term condition; the UV rays can damage the skin cells causing skin ageing, eye damage and skin cancer. In Ireland the level of damaging UV rays is highest between 11am -3pm

 Stay safe whilst you enjoy the sunshine!

 Kieran Meehan

Irish Red Cross