Quite recently, my daughter’s five year old friend tripped and struck his head on our porch. My wife and I were able to retrieve the first aid kit easily and bandage the wound quickly to avoid excessive bleeding. Having a maintained and well stocked First Aid Kit is the first step to be able to deal adequately with any minor accidents or injuries that may occur. Your First Aid Kit should contain: • Plasters – For those small cuts that happen everyday • Bandages – When the plaster just won’t do and the injury is too large. Bandages can also help secure in injured limb • Safety pins – to keep the bandage in place • Sterile wound dressings – If the wound is exposed, you need sterile dressings to prevent infection • Disinfectant wipes – to clean the wound but ensure they are un-alcoholic • Shears (first aid scissors) – used to cut away clothing and to cut the bandages to the correct size • Examination gloves – You should always wear gloves as a basic barrier device for you and the casualty • Sterile water – to clean out any wounds • Pocket face mask – for when you are carrying out CPR • Burns dressings – these act as a cooling method and also help prevent infection of the burn area. The amount and type of the contents needed in your first aid kit will depend on the amount of people in your home and the ages. For example, you may want to have more plasters if there are small children or you may want to have large dressings if it is only adults. The second step to be able to deal adequately with any minor accidents or injuries, is to be confident and have the first aid know-how to treat injuries. For extra peace of mind download the FREE Irish Red Cross App for your Smartphone and Tablet http://redcross.ie/firstaidapp or book a first aid training course today by calling 1890 502 502 or email courses@redcross.ie #Firstaidapp #firstaidday