Fall on stairs             We all know prevention is better than cure!  Preventing accidents and injuries in the home generally just takes a little thought and time. Some of the most common accidents and injuries are: Falls This is one of the biggest causes of accidents.  How many times have we heard that someone at home had a trip, slip or fall?  To help prevent falls in the home:
  • Reduce slip hazards by cleaning up spilled liquids in the bathroom, kitchen and any other floors.
  • Install hand rails in the bathroom so that you are able to steady yourself.
  • Remove any clutter from walkway and stairs throughout the house.
  • Ensure good lighting in the home especially on stairs and walkways.
  •  Install safety gates in the home if small children are present.  The gates should be installed and the bottom and top of the stairs.
  • Finally, be aware of the position of rugs or cables as they can be a trip hazard.
Fire safety I remember a Fire service advertisement that said “Thumbs up on Monday” aimed at encouraging people to test the fire and carbon alarms on a weekly basis. Always be prepared for a fire!
  • Keep your fire extinguishers in strategic positions and know how to use them.  Different extinguishers should be used for different types of fires and it is highly recommended that you learn the different uses.
  • Ensure you have adequate fire and carbon monoxide alarms in your house and test them all regularly.
  • Cover any unused electrical sockets so that small children can’t interfere with them.
  • Never leave matches or a lighter within reach of children and never leave candles, irons or hair straighter unattended.
  • Switch all electrical and cooking appliances off after use.
  • Never put hot ash into the bin.
General safety tips
  • Ensure any potential poisonous materials in your home (cleaning products etc) are locked away and out of reach especially if there are children in the home.
  • Ensure all medication is out of reach of children and stored correctly.
  • If you are able to install child proof latches on you cupboards and doors then you should consider this.
  • Purchase wisely and only buy products with child-proof lids where possible.
  • Watch your children – It only takes a few seconds for your child to get their hands on a potentially life threatening product.
  • Finally, take great care in the use and storage of all kitchen knives
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