Back to school safety
School safety is everyone’s responsibility
Term has kicked off this month and those lazy days of lounging in the sunshine seem like a distant memory. Packing schoolbags and lunches, collecting and dropping off the kids at the school gate, then dashing home to retrieve forgotten P.E. gear quickly become part of the routine once more. As part of the month that’s in it, we’ve come up with three handy school safety tips to ensure a safe and healthy term: 1. Personal Information Make sure your child knows: • Their address and home phone number/parents’ mobile phone number • Their parents’ work contact information • The name and phone number of another trusted adult • How and when to call 999 2. Getting To and From School Bus: For the first few days of school go with your children to the bus stop to help them learn how to stay safe. Children should: • Wait for the bus on the pavement or at least six feet from the curb. • Get on and off the bus only after it has stopped and the driver has instructed them to do so. • Cross the street at a designated crossing. • If there is no crossing, cross at least 12 feet in front of the bus, where the bus driver can see them and they can see the bus driver. Bike or by foot: Trial the route and teach them how to make the journey safely. Children should: • If possible, cycle/walk to and from school with a friend • Never talk to or accept rides from strangers • Always wear a correctly-fitting helmet when riding bikes. NO EXCEPTIONS 3. Safety at School Many school-related injuries could be prevented by following just a few, simple safety tips. Children should: • Use backpacks that are designed with safety and comfort in mind, always use both straps • Backpacks shouldn’t weigh more than 10-20% of a child’s body weight. • Stay safe on playgrounds by keeping their distance from swinging swings, keeping hands and feet within the sides of slides and only sliding feet first. • Bumps and bruises from playground activities are inevitable but these basic precautions will reduce the number and the severity of injuries. School safety is everyone’s responsibility. Let’s make this school year a safe one for all of our kids!