nosebleedYour child runs into the house with a ‘bleeding nose’…What do you do? Pinch the nose? bony or soft part? Do you position you the child’s head back or ask them to lean forward… the thought crosses your mind ‘why didn’t I do that first aid course last year’… With the ever increasing popularity of Smartphones, for situations like a nose bleed help is close at hand…in your smart phone! Yes to celebrate First Aid Day on this Friday September 20th the Irish Red Cross have launched a Free First Aid App, available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play or see The First Aid App features easy to follow tips for more than 20 common first aid situations including our earlier example – there is an easy to follow explanation of how to treat a nose the way, you do lean the child forward! The App also includes a learning section (great for passing the time if you’re stuck in a queue, waiting for your date to arrive etc) that gives more detail on how to act in various first aid situations.  Of course the learning section is supported by the inevitable test section, so you can check you progress! And with more and more areas of Ireland experiencing flooding there’s a handy section on how to prepare for emergency situations.  As well as flood preparation it includes fire and water safety and other topics which may make your home safer in the of an emergency situation.  For instance do you know what to do with food in your fridge & freezer after a prolonged electric power cut…? Download the App to find out. Many accidents requiring first aid happen in the home or on family outings and holidays… so downloading the Irish Red Cross First Aid App to make sure you always have your mini first aid manual close to hand, in your phone (or Tablet), even when you are on holidays abroad!   appstoregoogleplay