Irish Red Cross Safety tips + workplaceAcross all industries in Ireland, injuries relating to slip, trip and fall incidents are the second most common. Take three steps towards preventing falls… 1. Let There Be Light

Where possible ensure that there is adequate natural light in the workplace. Sufficient artificial light should be provided everywhere else.

2. Sign Language Put a sign on anything that could be classed as hazardous. You know, that small step you all trip up, that window that swings inwards instead of out or that low doorway that’s got a dent in it from all the heads it’s hit! If the hazard can’t be avoided at least injury can be prevented with adequate warning! 3. Make Room Many offices tend to become strewn with all manner of paraphernalia; boxes of paper for the printer, recycling ready to be collected, spare shoes poking out from under the desk, people’s bags and sports kits for that other New Year resolution of going to the gym after work! Where possible remove obstructions to avoid trips and falls, provide staff storage or designate a spare corner for bags and shoes. Make sure that all stairs and walkways are clear form loose wires and unnecessary boxes. Where obstructions can’t be avoided provide a barrier or a warning sign to avoid injuries.

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