Do you know if any of your staff suffer from health problems that may require extra attention if they became unwell while at work? Does anyone have a nut allergy, for example, or asthma?

Knowing just a few extra details about your employees could prevent injuries and illness at work.  It could also potentially save you €27,000 a year*!

To prevent injuries and illnesses at your business workplace; make sure you stay well informed about the latest health and safety requirements in Ireland, actively involve your staff in keeping their workplace safe and healthy. And, get to know them better!

Four easy steps you can take today:

1.    Ask your employees about any health concerns they have

  • Keep a record in their employee file of any allergies etc
  • Encourage them to make colleagues aware of what to do if they are taken ill
2.    Ask your team to nominate a first aid person
  • Ensure they attend the required training
  • Make all staff members, and visitors, aware of who to contact in case of a medical emergency
3.    Encourage your whole team to participate in making their workplace healthy and safe
  • Include them in the risk assessment process
  • Share your business’ safety statement
4.    Keep first aid kits stocked, in-date, visible

With these quick steps you could save your business time, money and resources by ensuring that your team is safe as they work.

*That’s the average payout for a personal injury workplace claim in Ireland [Personal Injuries Board Annual Report 2012]