Welcoming new Irish Red Cross volunteersThere has been lots of activity all over the country over the past few weeks with the training of our new Fáilte Presenters.  Fáilte is a new induction programme which has been developed to welcome new volunteers, and provides an overview of the work of the Irish Red Cross both here in Ireland and overseas.

Using a mix of presentations, group work and video clips, Fáilte allows new volunteers to discover what it is like to be part of the largest humanitarian organisation in the world while also providing a forum for them to meet each other and make new friends.

Thanks to all of the existing volunteers who traveled from far and wide to attend training days in Dublin, Ballinasloe and Cork. We are delighted to announce that to date we have over 60 newly trained fantastic Fáilte presenters!

These new Fáilte presenters now take on the important role of providing a warm welcome to all of our new recruits by presenting the new induction programme to volunteers when they join.

The training of these Fáilte Presenters is a key part of the overall plan to improve the way in which we support and develop our volunteers in Ireland. By providing each new volunteer with a fun and informative introduction, we aim to ensure that everyone feels welcomed into the Irish Red Cross family and are prepared for their volunteering role.

If you would like to know more about Fáilte or would like to become a Fáilte Presenter, please contact Lucy Banks at lbanks@redcross.ie or 01 642600.

By Lucy Banks, Irish Red Cross Volunteer Support and Development Team

Some Fáilte facts:

What is Fáilte?

  • Fáilte is a new induction programme for Irish Red Cross volunteers being rolled out across the country in 2014.
  • It has been developed by the Volunteer Support and Development Working Group.
  • It is a 2-3 hour long workshop aimed at giving new volunteers an overview of the work of the Irish Red Cross at home and overseas
  • It is an opportunity to share the principles and values of the Movement with future volunteers and motivate them to be active in local communities.

Why become a Fáilte Presenter?

  • It is an exciting new opportunity to engage with new volunteers and provide them with an introduction into the world of the Irish Red Cross
  • Fáilte Presenters have a unique opportunity to inspire new volunteers and share important information about the Irish Red Cross both locally and internationally
  • It is a chance for you to share your passion and knowledge of the Irish Red Cross and ensure that new volunteers feel welcomed to the organisation

While there are no formal requirements needed to become a Fáilte Presenter there are certain skills which are essential.  Fáilte Presenters should:

  • Have good interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills
  • Be open, friendly and non-judgemental
  • Be able to present confidently and communicate with new volunteers of all ages
  • Be responsible, organised, reliable and able to work independently
  • Be passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the Red Cross
  • Be a volunteer of an Irish Red Cross Branch and have complete Garda Vetting
  • Have basic IT skills (remember, venues for Fáilte inductions  will need internet access)