Caring for Nana MaryFifteen year old, Caroline lives with her family on their farm in Bandon, county Cork.  Caroline nominated her mother for the Irish Red Cross Carers Award in 2013 stating that “to say my Mother is a multi-tasker would be an understatement”.  Here she tells us why she felt her Mother should be nominated.

“Firstly, I would like to acknowledge the amazing work which is being carried out by carers all over the country. I know there are many worthy recipients of this honourable award, but I myself feel that Rosarie (my mother) is a serious worthy contender.

I feel that Rosarie McCarthy (my Mother) is a serious worthy contender for the [Irish Red Cross Carers Award]. Not only does she care for my frail grandmother Nana Mary who lives with us, she works on the family farm with my father and also manages to raise three children.

Nana Mary and I are very close, we talked long and hard about nominating my mother.  My grandmother is very weak at the moment, but she doesn’t let anything get in her way to make everyone feel special and loved. She suffers from pulmonary fibrosis. This condition has deteriorated my grandmother’s condition a lot since she was first diagnosed, six years ago.

I think the work my mother does for Nana Mary shouldn’t go unnoticed.  Mam does so much for her  – housework, preparation of meals, attending to her medication/oxygen and personal hygiene needs, bringing her to her doctor, bringing her holy communion and much, much more.  Most importantly she keeps her company when Nana is feeling down.  My nana is on a lot of medication and also needs oxygen to help her breath. My Mam plays a crucial part in her wellbeing.

As we all live together, my siblings (Theresa 12 and Tim 10) and I do our best to lighten the work for Mam. As we are farmers we begin calving on September 15th so we are all fully engaged helping with calving and with caring for Nana Mary. We all do our best to ease Nana’s pain.

Although my mam isn’t a Red Cross volunteer she still plays a vital part in saving a person’s life – Nana Mary’s.”

Caroline’s mother Rosarie was the regional winner of Irish Red Cross Carer of the year award 2013.   Taking home the Leslie Bean de Barra Red Cross Carer Trophy.

Nominations for the National Irish Red Cross Carers award will open in the next few weeks.  All applications will be divided be region and four regional winners will be chosen. These regional winners will be presented awards in August, and will go forward as nominees for the National prize in October. Watch this space:

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