cormac mcginnMy name is Cormac and as well as being a student at Dublin City University and working part time on a restaurant, I am a volunteer with the Irish Red Cross in Carlingford-Omeath. As a volunteer I have trained in first aid, learning multiple ways to treat injuries and save lives. You never know when you might need first aid.

Whilst at work one afternoon, I was called from the beer garden were a customer had collapsed. I was at his side in seconds. The customer, a gentleman in his 60’s, had slumped back in his chair. I lifted him onto the floor where I opened his airway and assessed his breathing before started CPR. As I did this, I directed one of the staff to phone 999 and ask for an Advanced Paramedic.

I asked another member of staff to get me the onsite AED which is located upstairs in the building. When the AED arrived I continued CPR and my colleague where to place the pads. At this point, a doctor who was on the premises made himself known, he took a pulse and agreed the patient was in cardiac arrest. I continued CPR while the AED analysed the rhythm.  It stated a shock was advised, so I ensured the patient was clear from all human contact and delivered the shock restarting CPR immediately.

Soon the patient began to show signs of life. He began to groan and had a strong pulse, which the doctor confirmed. The casualty remained stable was and was monitored until a National Ambulance Service Paramedic and Advanced Paramedic arrived.

I’ve been told since that the gentleman is recovering well.