father and child1.  The main need is for people to donate to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal. A disaster management plan has been in place for some time and the immediate need for supplies can be sourced locally so the main need is for money to buy supplies.   2.  The Kathmandu Valley – home to an estimated population of 2.5 million people – is the worst-affected area. Landslides have blocked access to large parts of the area and communications systems are down.   3.  According to Jagan Chapagain, IFRC Director for Asia Pacific: ”We do not yet know the scope of damage, but no doubt this is the most deadly and devastating earthquake since the 1934 tremor which devastated Nepal and Bihar. People will need considerable support including food, water, medical care and emergency shelter”.   4.   A death toll 3,500 confirmed but this is expected to rise aid workers get to the valley.  

5.   The danger has not passed as severe aftershocks are still being experienced. This means relief workers and those still trapped are in danger as structures are still vulnerable to collapse.