When you donate to the Irish Red Cross Migration Crisis appeal, your donations buy items that are essential for survival.


These include: food, water, blankets, tents, hygiene kits, and first aid and health care supplies.


These are supplied to vulnerable and desperate people who are victims of the Mediteranean migration crisis and the Western Balkans migration crisis.


Upon arrival at ports and border crossings, migrants spend short periods of time at reception facilities.

Here the Red Cross provides initial medical assistance and treatment and we also help confirm peoples’ identification.

We also provide other forms of logistical support such as transporting the sick to hospitals and clinics.


serbia sleeping rough
Serbia: Belgrade, 11 August 2015 Close to the Belgrade train station, hundreds of people on the move camp out each night, with no where else to go. Many are waiting to find transport north, to Hungary and beyond. Over 84,000 people have registred as passing through Serbia since the beginning of the year, but estimates indicate that similar numbers have passed through unregistered. The Red Cross of Serbia have been providing assistance the countries southern borders and with mobile teams in the north since the onset of this emergency. Photo: Stephen Ryan / IFRC


Your donations to the Irish Cross Migration Crisis Appeal also pay for specialists in providing psychological support to traumatised migrants.


Often, families get separated along arduous migration routes. Our Restoring Family Links service is another important feature of the humanitarian support we provide for victims of the migration crisis.


Our specially trained officers connect with the global tracing unit of the International Committee of the Red Cross to find those who have gone missing. Sometimes we can arrange an exchange of messages or information about the missing person’s whereabouts and we can often reunite the family.


Donations to the Irish Red Cross Migration Crisis Apeal are also be used in the migrants’ countries of origin such as Syria, Somalia, Eritera, Nigeria and Afghanistan. This is part of the strategy to make places safer to live, thereby tackling the cause of human displacement.


Please give what you can to the Irish Red Cross Migration Crisis Appeal at redcross.ie or on 1850 50 70 70.

The Irish Red Cross is a registered charity in Ireland and we are committed to serve communities in need both at home and abroad