Mohammad Algrawe is a 23 year old Syrian living in a camp in Greece as he waits to learn what his future holds. Help people in crisis like Mohammad this Christmas by donating to the Irish Red Cross Christmas appeal

My name is Mohammad Algrawe, I’m 23 year old and from Damascus in Syria. Before I fled Syria I was studying electronic engineering and I really liked it but I had to leave my passion and everything else I loved because the fighting had spread everywhere and destroyed everything.


After that I stayed in Turkey and worked for an electronic company. But I was being paid very little compared to everyone else in the company.


I went to the Greece with a smuggler. It was a very difficult journey by sea, very hazardous you know. I arrived just before the border closed so I have been here nine months, but I am hoping to go to Sweden one day.


My mother, father and three younger brothers are in Jordan. Some day
I hope to see them again, but it will be difficult. Every day I speak with my mother and she says to stay strong, so I am strong, but I am tired too. I see how sad people are, and the camps in the Greece make me sad too. But then there is something inside me that keeps me going and I try and smile.


I work as a volunteer for the Red Cross in the camps. This is very important because most people don’t speak English. They need me to translate what they think and what they need.


I also explain to them what the Red Cross can do for them to reduce their suffering here. In the future, I hope to continue my work in another country. Because most of the people don’t speak English, so I can help them with that.


There is one thing I would say to people in Ireland about life as a refugee and it is this. You know what is happening, just like we do, but no one knows what will happen next. The problem is now, our lives now, and we need all the help we can get to stop people suffering.


Thank you for reading my letter. Thank you for being kind to us.




Kordelio camp near Thessaloniki,



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