Joana Ramalho from our Irish Red Cross team recently traveled to Greece to report on the conditions in camps and the challenges facing the refugees and migrants who have been living in them for nearly a a year now.  In this video she made in Kordelio camp near Thessaloniki, Joana shows us how people are living.


In the refugee camps, people’s tents are their home. They look after it like anyone looks after a home and are so organised and clean. The beds are made and there is a little sitting area outside of the tent. In some cases this area is covered and some even have a walk-way into the ‘house’. A big effort is put to make sure it feels and looks like home. There are clothes lines between trees, places for storing food and non-food items. It made me think about how permanent I would make a tent when I didn’t know for how long I would be staying.

There are a lot of young children in the camp. They are everywhere, running around and entertaining themselves with everything and anything. There are no toys but they play with boxes, bottle tops and sticks. That’s their childhood, if it can be called such a thing. The children bring colour and cheer to the camp. They are probably the only ones smiling and laughing.

There is no running drinking water yet in the camp, so it comes in bottles. New sinks for dish washing have just been put in. We hope there will be drinking water soon.


Please help care this Christmas. Life in the camps is hard, but not as hard as living in a war zone with no food, water or safe place to sleep.


Please help the Red Cross to care for everyone in crisis this Christmas, send your Christmas donation and include your personal message for the Red Cross Christmas tree.