Knitters from around the world are helping Valery in county Clare to break a record and help the Irish Red Cross.

Dublin woman, Valery Larkin relocated to county Clare 10 years ago, where she has continued to happily indulge her love of traditional knitting and crochet. In search of a project to keep her occupied during the winter, Valery turned to the Guinness World Records for inspiration and so the Largest Knitted Blanket record breaking attempt was born.

Photograph for Red CrossKaylene  Englemsman South Africa
Not content with breaking a world record, Valery decided that she would donate the finished blanket to the Irish Red Cross to help vulnerable people in communities around Ireland.  Once finished, the blanket will make approximately 100 average sized patchwork blankets.


To beat the record, Valery and her helpers need to complete a 1,378.28m2 knitted blanket.  In an effort to recruit people to help Valery says she, “hit all the knitting groups on the internet with my idea, as I wanted this to be a worldwide project….a No Borders Blanket!”


“The response has been phenomenal with squares arriving from as far away as New Zealand to as close to home as Corrofin.”
Squares are still coming in and Valery diligently posts pictures and thanks to her Facebook page as she receives each parcel.


To get involved, and for details on where to send your squares, contact Valery via her Facebook page Largest Knitted Blanket Record Breaking Attempt.


How you can help:


Can you knit? 3 Dec 17

Knit 6 inch squares (no crochet please) or 60 x 6 inch strips and send them to Valery and her helpers.  See Largest Knitted Blanket Record Breaking Attempt for the postal address.


Can’t knit, but live in Clare?

Volunteers are needed to sew the squares together, get in touch with Valery to arrange.


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