Irish Red Cross free First Aid app

Free First Aid App Do you know to stop a common nose bleed? Do you, pinch the nose? If so, the bony or soft part?  Should you tilt your head forward or back? For situations like a nose bleed, help is close at hand.


The award winning Irish Red Cross First Aid app is free to download from the Apple App and Google Play stores. The  First Aid App features easy to follow tips for more than 20 common first aid situations including the common nose bleed. Having the First Aid App on your phone means you can instantly access the information in order to respond correctly.

Extremely useful and exceptionally informative. Very well thought out. As close to have an instructor right there with you. Completely interactive – Neil 

Brilliant, everyone should this. It could save a life! – Amy

The App includes a learning section that gives more detail on how to act in various first aid situation. Everything, from how to prepare for flooding too what to do with food in your fridge or freezer after a prolonged electric cut. 


Many accidents requiring first aid happen in the home or on family outings and holidays… so downloading the Irish Red Cross First Aid app to make sure you always have your mini first aid manual close to hand, in your phone (or Tablet), even when you are on holidays abroad! 


To download the app, click – Google Play or Apple Store