Many of our Irish Red Cross Volunteers have stories to tell. Big or small, significant or trivial, individual or far-reaching. We’ve been thinking of ways you can share your stories with everyone, and we’re inviting you to share your best stories with us. 


Simply click on the button below and follow the directions, and include photos or videos if you have them. If picked, your story will be featured in the Irish Red Cross blog. Dying to tell a good story or maybe you are not a storyteller? Tell us your story in your own words, and one of the Irish Red Cross Team will help with any editing. 


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Here are examples of the kind of stories we are looking for.

 – A funny or inspirational story you have been dying to share, don’t hold back. 

 – While volunteering with your local branch, tell us about a moment that warmed your heart

 – A memorable moment


If at any time, you have a question please don’t hesitate to contact the Irish Red Cross. 


Hope to hear from you soon,