In this city of half a million people, we have to identify the most vulnerable families to help first. Prioritising families with disabled family members, vulnerable households with more than five family members, households with no source of income. The problem in Taiz is that every single person is vulnerable, nobody is earning an income, there is no source of income in the city and now cholera is ravaging the country too.

Irish Red Cross

A man and his daughter crawling out of a ground cave dug to replace their destroyed home.


Unfortunately, due to financial constraints the bread project will finish during August this year, hopefully, we will find a means to keep it extend it, but it is very costly to keep it running.  We had limited funds available and what is available is for the whole of Yemen. Our hope is that at the end of August we start doing parallel food distributions to a further 12,000 households (72,000 people). That way each household will get a food parcel containing the essential food requirements for a family of six.  Each food parcel contains one month’s supply.  The food parcel should actually cover most of their dietary needs however it won’t cover everything.

Irish Red Cross


 Irish aid worker, Ciaran Cierans has been working with the International Committee of the Red Cross in Yemen since October 2016.  A seasoned aid worker of 12 years, Limerick man, Ciaran says the situation in Yemen is one of the ‘most challenging’ he has ever experienced.


Please support the ongoing work in Yemen, donations can be made online at or by calling the charity on 1850 50 70 70.


Thank you Ciaran.