Irish Red CrossWe all know people who have made a positive impact in our lives or in our communities, real hero’s. Nobody more deserves the accolade, than 13 year old Ryan, a member of the Irish Red Cross Waterford City branch. 

While camping with the Scouts on the comeragh mountains near counshigan lake in Co Waterford, Ryan treated three casualties including a suspected spinal injury that he diagnosed and asked for mountain rescue to be called.

So me and the scouts were camping on Friday night up the comeragh mountains near counshigaun lake, me and a few lads got up early the next morning to go exploring the area of rocks, there were five of us up in total, me and two others decided to head back, the other two stayed up there. On their way back one of them fell on a rock, twisted his ankle and hit his head from about a two foot drop, he was able to walk himself back to the camp were a leader began treatment, the leader called me over and handed over to me and put me as medical lead, I quickly realized that the boy was deteriorating fast and showed clear signs of shock, straight away I put him in the shock position by lying him down, raising his legs, and wrapping him in a foil blanket, I got another leader to wrap his ankle as I was busy getting a report, the leader called for the first aid kit and the scout that was running to bring it to her slipped on a rock and landed hard on her back, after I got my report I went over to asses the girl, she had bruising and swelling on her lower back but i had no reason to suspect spinal so i just gave an ice pack to reduse swelling, me and the other scouts went out around the cliffs nearby and as the girl with the back injury tried to follow and collapsed from the pain, it was at this point I made the call to get mountain rescue with us as there was no way of getting her off the mountain and there was now reason to suspect c-spine injury, I got her lying on her back and held her head in place and reasured her while waiting for help to arrive, when mountain rescue arrived they evacuated our campsite in order for it to be clear for the helicopter, as all the other scouts were leaving one fell on to a rock and now is in hospital with a broken elbow, I didn’t get to treat him or see him much, I just heard what happened, the helicopter came and already team of 16 mountain rescue members and a doctor were on seen, the paramedic came down, got a report, and provided pain relief via penthrox before deciding to get her on a spinal board and have her air lifted to hospital, I was kept at the head for the logroll onto the spinal board, and after the got her on the stretcher I was relieved and stood down, they then stretchered the other fella with the sprained ankle and head injury down the mountain, and the broken elbow patient was walked down the mountain, the girl who was air lifted and the boy with the head and ankle injury are home and well, I have not heard back about the elbow injury, I was so glad I had the skills in first aid and the training by the Irish Red Cross to put into action there, I cant thank them enough.

Through out the five hours, Ryan managed each incident very professionally and calmly.

Thanks Ryan!