My name is Niveta Ramakrishnan, an active Irish Red Cross Youth member as well as a 2nd-year Medical Student at the Royal Irish Red Cross College of Surgeons Ireland. I’d like to share my insightful experience at the British Red Cross Inspired National Youth Conference, held on 13th-15th October 2017 at Frontier Center, UK. I embarked upon this journey of learning along with Mr.Barry O’Dwyer, Mr.Philip Dorian and 100 other Red Cross Volunteers across the world.

Well, to begin with, my aim was to gain an insight on the British Red Cross involvement through workshops on Child Exploitation Online Protection-Internet Safety, European Volunteer Service, BRC on campus, Asylum Seekers and Refugees. In addition, interacting with such powerful global leaders like Mr.Mike Adamson, CEO; Ms.Zoe Abrams, Executive Director of Communications and Engagement; Mr.Chris Reed, Director of Volunteer Mobilisation; Mr.Roger Smith, Executive Director of People, Learning and Strategic Change; Ms.Mairi Allen, Head of Diversity and Youth Engagement; and Mr.Bas Van Rossum, President of the Youth Commission of the IFRC have given me a new perspective to be an advocate for change and the clarity to implement my goals.

In just 3 days, it amazes me of the magnitude of impact Red Cross has throughout the world due to the passion and sheer determination instilled by young minds working towards their ultimate goal. I’m proud to share the same enthusiasm to put aside my inhibitions for the needs of the world.

I’ll forever cherish those moments from the weekend that put a smile on everyone’s face making it harder to say goodbye. I canInspired 5 confidently say that I’m part of the Red Cross family connected by this movement for a change.

I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to represent the 1400+ Irish Red Cross Youth Members. This conference had a huge impact on me, both professionally and personally, and will, I hope, help me to become a compassionate surgeon in the future.

Once again, I’d like to thank Ms.Catriona Finn and the Terenure/Rathmines Branch Officers from the bottom of my heart of the encouragement that enabled me to play a small role in this noble cause for humanity.