We have been blown away by the messages of support we recently received for our Irish aid workers; Ciaran, Deborah and Susanna. In a recent mailshot, we asked our AMAZING donors for messages of support to show how much they are appreciated, not only by us, but by the wider Irish Red Cross family. After a couple of weeks away, I came back to a huge number of encouraging message which I had to share with Deborah, Ciaran and Susanna. 




 And this was what I got in reply from Deborah:

Your email couldn’t have been better timed. I was sitting here on my bed, feeling very sorry for myself that I’m missing out on the mighty Galway victories and home comings and then I got your mail.

I know it’s a cliché but I am deeply humbled by the messages.

And a huge thanks to everyone in IRC for helping raise the plight of Yemen. I know it has worked as even my friends that knew I was here never really got it until I they started to read about it.

Thanks again for taking me out of my slump and making me feel like a silly sausage!

I hope you understand how much your messages meant to Deborah but also Ciaran, Susanna and any aid worker out in the field working with the  Red Cross. Coupled with these incredible messages we also managed to raise funds to support the work of Deborah and other aid workers around the globe as well as the work of the IRC volunteers in Ireland. 


YOU the donor, supporter and friend of Irish Red Cross are the one that makes our work possible.

Thank you so much, seriously!