I think most people will agree that Irish weather is always hard to predict. Will we have a white Christmas or will we have a warm summer? Your best defence is youNeither would be surprising at this stage. But either way it always good to follow these tips during the flu season. 

The Government’s 2017-2018 Be Winter-Ready information campaign was launched earlier this week in an effort to provide practical advice on how best to prepare for the coming winter. Through a dedicated website, www.winterready.ie, advice is being made available from a number of sources including Government Departments, An Garda Síochána, the HSE, Local Authorities and transport providers.  The Be Winter Ready booklet can be downloaded by clicking here. 

During flu season, there are many measures that can be followed to help reduce the possibility of falling ill which are detailed below.

Remember to always wash your hands

 Use clear water and soap.

 Washing your hands is especially important before and after you have contact with people who are sick.

Cover your coughs and sneezes 

 Use a scarf, mask, tissue or handkerschief.

 Use your sleeve. 

Keep a safe distance and avoid crowds if possible

 Cold and flu germs pass through the air from person to person. If possible, stay approx 1.5 metres away when talking to people.

 Avoid shaking hands or types physical contact. 

Provide care for and separating family members who are sick 

  Family members who are sick should be moved into one room or corners of the house.

 Use only one caregiver, preferably a family member not at high risk. This action helps limit the spread of the illness within the family.

 The caregiver must use safety measure such as using a mask when available of they are closer than 1 metre to the person who is sick, ventilate the room and house and other family members should monitor themselves daily for fever and cough. 

Give people who are sick enough fluids such as water, juice, soup, etc. or breast milk for infants and give nutritious food. 

Young children, pregnant women and people who have another disease can be at more risk. They should therefore seek medical care if they sick. 

Get rid of exposed materials safely

Make sure used masks or tissues are thrown out properly by placing them in a bag and sealing it. 

Taking the next step

If you require further information please email info@redcross.ie or phone: +353 (0)1 642 4600