You’ve got a friend in me, when the road looks rough ahead…” so the song goes and this was certainly the case for Mohammed Hasan recently thanks to the kindness of his friend Rabiullah.


Hundreds of thousands of people have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh to escape the violence in Rakhine State over the past few months and 15-p-BGD1218year-old Mohammed Hasan was one of them. Mohammed has had it tougher than most. At the age of four, his father passed away and he lost the use of his legs when he was eight, due to polio. Thanks to the incredible kindness of a family friend Rabiullah who carried Mohammed on his back for four days, both managed to cross the border to safety in a makeshift camp Bangladesh.


Rabiullah brings Mohammed food and water every day and brings him outside the tent to make sure he gets some fresh air. Even though conditions are extremely difficult, Mohammed says he is happy his friend is minding him and keeping him company.


In Bangladesh, where thousands like Mohammed have fled with nothing but the clothes on their backs, the Red Cross is providing food, clean water, medicine and tarps to shelter them. Despite the conditions – not least the little shelter from the monsoon rain and floods, Mohammed and Rabiullah are hopeful.


Water, emergency food and medical care can literally mean the difference between life and death and this is where you can step in to help people like Mohammed and Rabiullah.


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