Today is the perfect day to stay indoors and watch your favorite TV shows. Nonetheless, if you feel safe enough to go out, build a snow man, walk the dogs or buy necessary food please ensure you stay warm, be seen and stay safe. To avoid slips and falls we advise you wear shoes with a good grip, walk slowly and inspect the footpath for black ice. Current temps around the country ranging -3 to -6°C. Snow showers continuing this morning & afternoon with more persistent snow pushing up from the south east later this afternoon & evening in strengthening easterly winds. Don’t go outside after 4 pm is the advice from us, anyone venturing out in the blizzard is risking their lives.

The Irish Red Cross serve as key players during these disasters, providing aid and resources to those affected. But the generosity of the Irish Red Cross supporters like yourself helped us prepare before these terrible events. Disasters are often unexpected by their very nature, leaving little time, if any, to prepare. That is why it is so important to put time into planning and preparation long before the disaster strikes. Your gift today will help the Irish Red Cross prepare for disasters in 2018 and save countless lives.

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Clearing snow from Footpaths and more helpful tips. 


  1. Clearing snow can be demanding work – only undertake the task if you are reasonably fit and do not have an underlying medical condition
  2. Clear snow or ice early in the day if possible.
  3. Wear sturdy, insulated, waterproof footwear with good gripping soles
  4. Use a shovel. There are special shovels for this task but any garden shovel will do
  5. Make a path down the middle of the area being cleared so that you will have a clear surface to walk on
  6. Never use boiling water to clear snow (it may re-freeze and cause the formation of black ice)
  7. You can prevent ice forming by spreading salt on the area that you have cleared
  8. When you are clearing snow it is important that you don’t create an obstacle for pedestrians or traffic Ensure that the snow is removed to a location that won’t create a hazard. 


If you don’t have our First Aid app yet, today is an ideal day to download it. The Irish Red Cross First Aid app has advice on how to prepare for extreme weather conditions as well as other useful First Aid tips accompanied by tutorial videos. 


The app is available to for free on the Apple app store and Google Play. 



  • Keep warm, eat well and avoid unnecessary travel. You should eat regular hot meals and drink plenty of fluids, this will keep you warm and will give you energy to keep active
  • Ensure you have sufficient supplies of food and of any prescription medicine you may need. Keep active indoors
  • Have sufficient fuel supplies to maintain adequate heating in your home
  • Ask your relatives and neighbours for help if you need it. Keep their phone numbers on a list beside your phone



  1. In icy weather, wear well-fitted shoes with non-slip soles if you have to go out but try to limit walking outside during the cold weather
  2. Consider wearing a personal alarm so that family or neighbours are alerted if you fall
  3. If you have a fall, even a minor one, make sure you visit your doctor for a check up.



  • Leave a low energy light on at night time, preferably one with a high light output
  • Use a non-slip shower or bath mat
  • Make sure wires or cords from lamps, telephones etc. do not trail where you walk
  • Arrange furniture so that you can easily move around all your rooms
  • Remove rugs or use non-slip tape or backing so rugs will not slip
  • Consider installing hand rails on both sides of the stairs


Your gift today will help the Irish Red Cross prepare for disasters in 2018 and save countless lives.

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