Members of the Irish Red Cross YOUTH attended the Aras an Uachtaran garden party.


Sarah and Charlee, both members of their local Irish Red Cross Muff Branch in Donegal recently attended Aras an Uachtaran garden party. They were selected because of their exceptional volunteer work this year. 


Sarah McConnellogue wrote…

It was just an ordinary day when my mammy got a call from Bernie my Red Cross Leader, I knew by the tone in her voice that Sarah 1something was about to be announced but never in my wildest dreams had I imagined such an amazing opportunity had came into my hands! My friend Charlee and I had been invited to a garden party hosted by President Michael D Higgins and Sabina Higgins. We left Donegal at 9:30 and arrived at Ratra house at where we met the rest of our party and the adventure began! When we arrived we were greeted by people handing out information leaflets and menus. We then walked through a door and there we were greeted by Sabina Higgins. She asked  what youth group we were from and asked what the Red Cross did.We got to see what the dining room and other rooms looked like it was really cool!We walked out a door into the gardens. There was lots of trees planted by loads of amazing people. We seen the President’s horses and his gardens. When he walked out he shook our hand. There was a group of girls in one of the gardens playing musical instruments.We had a walk around and took a lot of photos. At around 4 we went in for lunch. There was a lot of finger food such as fruit, smoked salmon, shortcake, eclairs and lots of other fancy food. Mr Higgins made an amazing speech. It was really inspirational. After the food we went out and got a picture taken with President Michael D Higgins and his dog. It was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again!  

Charlee Boyle wrote…Irish Red Cross

When i first found out i was invited to Aras an Uachtaran i was very excited and happy.On the day we got to look around the gardens and areas of the presidents house and it was very exciting.There were 2 bands in the marquee area and they were great fun to listen and dance to.We got to meet President Higgins and his wife Sabina and have our picture taken with him.They were so nice,and that was a once in a lifetime experience for me.I have to say it was so far one of the best days of my life. Thank you so much!!!  Charlee Boyle