Dear Rose and Kieran,


I am writing to thank you for taking care of me when I fell from my bike during the Claremorris Cycling Club charity event on 16 September last.Claremorris Cycling Club

You literally saved my life by the promptness of your actions and the way you treated me on the side of the road that morning. When I fell on my neck I knew something serious had happened due to the pain I was feeling. However within what seemed minutes, I was very aware that you were both on the scene and had taken command of the situation. I felt immediately that I was in good hands as the way you dealt with me and the way you issued instructions to others gave me a lot of confidence that you knew exactly what you were doing.


Following my removal to A&E in Castlebar, X-rays and CT scans showed that I had a burst C1 vertebrae. By Tuesday morning I was being operated on in the Spinal Unit in The Mater in Dublin. The surgeon put in ten nuts and bolts and two rods down along my neck so as to stabilise the injury. They also put me in a Halo brace for 12 weeks to keep everything in place. The operation took 9 hours.The surgeon told me that he expected me to make a full recovery, although I will have a stiff neck for some time!


However both the surgeon and the nurses said that I was blessed not to have any paralysis or neurological damage whatsoever. They put this down to luck that the spinal cord wasn’t damaged on impact but mainly due to the prompt action of you both on the side of the road that morning and the fact that you got me in to a neck brace safely and quickly and stabilised my condition.

I can never thank you enough for what you did for me that morning. You literally saved my life! The job you all do, on a voluntary basis, is simply incredible.


I will never forget you.


Warmest regards,

Martin Joyce