As the country is in the grip of the Covid-19 emergency, thousands of Irish Red Cross volunteers and supporters are mobilising to fight the spread of this virus and provide urgently needed, round-the-clock support to local communities.






We have now put in place a nationwide safety net of support, reaching into every town and village in Ireland. All over Ireland, our volunteers are providing a critical lifeline of support to the sick and vulnerable older people who are in isolation.


With your help, we can continue to support the nation's most vulnerable by transporting patients to essential medical treatments and delivering food and medication to those in isolation.


None of that will be possible without you.


Your donation today will help the Irish Red Cross continue to provide life saving work at home and all around the world.


€20 could buy personal protective equipment for Red Cross volunteers

€35 could help to fund oxygen rebreathers in ambulances
€50 could help support our Irish Red Cross ambulance transfer service
€100 could help to fund a defibrillator which could save a life following a serious cardiac incident


Thank You. 


* Donations of €250+ are worth 45% extra to the Irish Red Cross if you pay income tax or capital gains tax – at no extra cost to you.

If you do not wish to receive updates in the post from us,

please email or call 1850 50 70 70