First aid benefits everyone.  It can treat everything from a sprained ankle to a cardiac emergency. A little first aid know-how can have a big impact.

Basic first aid knowledge can help you ensure that your family home is safe for everyone.  A Family First Aid course (also known as Paedriatric First Aid) takes only 1 day and gives you the skills needed to treat children and infants for basic injuries and illnesses. You will learn; how to assess a child or infant for injuries, how to apply CPR and treat choking, how to treat bleeding,burns and medical conditions specific to children.

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Suitable for anyone wanting to gain an overall understanding of first aid, our 2 day Practical First Aid course is a great way to gain a basic understanding of key first aid situations and how to treat them.Our fully qualified, and highly experienced, trainers will take you through every aspect of everyday first aid. Giving you the confidence to help.

Your community, be it your village, sport club or hobby group can all benefit from training.  A course is designed to give community members an understanding of basic life support situations and their treatment. In just 4 hours, your community group can learn to use an AED (an automated external defibrillator), how to apply CPR for adults and infants, and how to treat someone who is choking.  As well as a host of basic first aid skills.

Additionally, if you are specifically interested in learning how to respond to a cardiac emergency, the 4 hour courses are the perfect training option. 

Whether you are a parent, a carer, a community group leader or a just someone who wants to know how to help, our training courses give you with the skills to keep yourself, and those around you safe. 

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