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Whether you have a young family or work with children, having a little first aid knowledge can be a huge confidence boost. New parents, grandparents and crèche workers regularly train with the Irish Red Cross. Completing the Paediatric First Aid or Family First Aid course to gain the skills they need to deal with emergencies.

An Irish Red Cross Family First Aid course takes only 1 day and gives parents the skills they need to treat children and infants for basic injuries and illnesses. The Irish Red Cross will show you how to assess your child or infant for injuries, how to apply CPR and treat choking, how to treat bleeding, burns and medical conditions specific to children. Course can be given at your home (for groups of 8) or at one our nationwide training facilities.

In line with the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016, the Irish Red Cross provides Paediatric First Aid training to childcare workers around Ireland. Whether you are a teacher, crèche worker or home-carer, we ensure you have the necessary knowledge.

Training course available from the Irish Red Cross:

• Family and Paediatric First Aid

• Practical first aid

• Emergency first aid

• Occupational First Aid response and refresher courses

• Manual Handling

• People Moving

• Fire Marshal

• First Aid for Students

• First Aid for Road Users

• AED, CPR and Cardiac First Responder training are available in 4 hour courses.

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