Irish Red Cross
Omar, a ten year-old boy, was wounded by mortar shelling during the fighting in Syria. His injuries were extremely serious. He was left unable to walk and at high risk of life-threatening infection. In surgery recently at our field hospital, the medical teams straightened his leg and surgeons are hopeful that he will walk again.




Right now, in war zones and disaster areas across the world the most vulnerable are suffering most: the very young and the very old. In places like Yemen and Syria in particular, the situation is dire. Overwhelming airstrikes, shellings and landmines have tragically claimed thousands of innocent lives.


But there is still hope – there is you.


Because of generous Red Cross supporters, Red Cross staff and volunteers are tending to the wounded and rehabilitating survivors – working around the clock, seven days a week to save lives.


And we can’t stop – not even for Christmas Day. There are too many lives depending on us, not just in areas affected by conflicts, but in areas devastated by natural disasters too, like Mozambique and Nepal, which is still recovering from the earthquake that killed 9,000 people.


This Christmas, will you please help us ease someone’s suffering by making a gift today?

A gift of €50 could fund boxes of high energy bars for 20 malnourished children

A gift of €100 could provide walking frames for five injured children

A gift of €250* could fund a heated tent equipped for a family of five


Thank you!


* Donations of €250+ are worth 45% extra to the Irish Red Cross if you pay income tax or capital gains tax – at no extra cost to you.


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