Face-To-Face Fundraising

Face to Face Fundraising 

We employ a small in-house team of professional and experienced fundraisers who are trained to the highest standards.  All of our face-to-face fundraisers are valued representatives of the Irish Red Cross and they have an important and challenging job to do.

Our team works in the Dublin and greater Dublin area to connect with new supporters and raise awareness about our crucial work here in Ireland as well as our contributions overseas to countries such as Syria, Yemen and Indonesia.

This cost-effective and efficient method of fundraising gives us the opportunity to speak with supporters who we otherwise may not reach and offers people a more personal first-hand experience of the Irish Red Cross.

By signing up to become a supporter of the Irish Red Cross and committing to a monthly donation you will be giving the Irish Red Cross the regular, reliable support that we can count on and enables us to fund long-term, sustainable change in people’s lives.

How to recognise an Irish Red Cross Fundraiser: 

Our fundraisers wear a black jacket embroidered with our logo or a white tabard with our logo on the front and fundamental principles on the back

Display an Irish Red Cross identification badge with their name, photo and ID number

Fundraisers conduct their work through the use of iPads and use a web-based form to sign people up for monthly donations

They also carry Irish Red Cross branded welcome packs with them, which explain our welcome process and how your regular donation with us works and can be managed

We welcome your feedback to help us improve our donor engagement, so if you are unsure or have any concerns, please feel free to contact us on 01-642 4600 and ask for Stephen or any member of the fundraising team.

Where we are working

The Irish Red Cross, among a number of other charitable organizations, are partnered with the Charities Institute of Ireland in order to communicate together, work as a collective and ensure that there is no more than one charity working in your area at any given time. This month our fundraisers will be visiting:

Face to face fundraising jobs 

We are always looking for out-going and enthusiastic personalities who are driven and self-motivated. You will be working with a diverse team to connect with the public and inform them about the humanitarian efforts that Red Cross carries out in Ireland and abroad. Your conversations will inspire and empower people to sign up for regular donations. Apply today using the below links:




 How can I get in touch?

We really appreciate feedback from our supporters, and we take complaints very seriously. Our Donor Care team will investigate any complaints they receive and will ensure appropriate action is taken in line with our complaints policy, in addition to the fundraising code of practice set out by the Charities Institute of Ireland.

We also love to hear any positive feedback about our fundraisers and if you’d like to get in touch with us you can reach any member of the fundraising team on 1850 50 70 70 or send us an e-mail at fundraising@redcross.ie