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Why we fundraise

We rely on fundraising to support our work in Ireland and overseas. Without the money raised by our amazing fundraisers, we would not be able to carry out the large-scale work that saves and changes millions of lives each year.

Regular support allows us to plan ahead and respond to emergencies as they occur. It also enables us to remain on the scene long after a disaster has struck, often after the cameras and news teams have disappeared, to help communities rebuild their lives. The Red Cross touches the lives of millions of people across the globe, which would not be possible without a massive fundraising effort.

Our fundraisers are passionate about their work and our organisation. They are responsible for raising awareness of our vision, as well as the vital funds needed to make it happen. They do this face-to-face on the streets, on the doorstep, at private sites, and over the phone. We also send out direct mail and emails to people throughout the year, and ask people to donate online and via their phones.

We use fundraising methods that give people the opportunity to engage in discussions with our representatives directly. All of our fundraisers receive regular training and we expect the highest possible standards from them at all times.

How to recognise an Irish Red Cross Fundraiser:

o Our fundraisers: wear a white tabard, red polo shirt, jacket or gilet with the

Irish Red Cross logo

o Display an Irish Red Cross identification badge with their name, photo and ID


o Carry a letter of authority from the Irish Red Cross.

Check with us on 01 642 4659 and we will verify the legitimacy of a fundraiser. You can also send your questions to

Quality guarantee

We monitor our fundraising campaigns closely to ensure that our representatives adhere to all the regulations and codes of practice set out by the Charities Institute Ireland and other regulatory bodies.

We monitor this through a variety of means including; supporter feedback, listening to the supporter calls, regular training and our mystery shopping programme.

We really appreciate feedback from our supporters, and we take complaints very seriously. Our Supporter Care team will investigate any complaints they receive, and will ensure appropriate action is taken. We also love to hear any positive feedback about our fundraisers, and any comments received will be passed on to the relevant parties. 

Talk to us:

If you can’t find the answer to your question on our website, or if you have any comments about the conduct of someone representing the Irish Red Cross, please contact the fundraising team on 1850 50 70 70.

Alternatively, you can email your enquiry to

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Face to face fundraising helps us plan and be ready to respond in times of crisis, in Ireland and overseas