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You are not just making a gift, you are investing in lives

As well as offering immediate help to people in disaster zones we also provide long term assistance to those most vulnerable and often forgotten. Making a major gift to fund a specific charity project is a deeply personal gesture.

Our wide-ranging programmes and services address the needs of some of the most vulnerable people around the world and at home in Ireland, from education, water and sanitation to health and nutrition and safer homes.

In all that we do from our long term work to our disaster mitigation and emergency response, we put those most vulnerable first.

Talk to us

Thank you for your interest in assisting an Irish Red Cross project. Please contact Emma Doyle or Danny Curran on 01 642 4600 or email

Emma and Danny will talk you through the options to find the Irish Red Cross project that moves you the most and in which you would like to make your personal impact.

Your gift will save lives