Cyclone Kenneth

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Cyclone Kenneth comes only six weeks after Cyclone Idai – one of the worst disasters to face the country, affecting more than 1.5 million people in central Mozambique. 
Today, three weeks after Cyclone Kenneth made landfall over northern Mozambique and the full scale of the challenge has become clear. It is the first time in recorded history that two cyclones of this magnitude have struck Mozambique.

More than 217,000 people are estimated to be affected in northern Mozambique after Cyclone Kenneth, with Macomia and Ibo districts as particularly worrying. Many families have fled their homes to accommodation centres where Mozambique Red Cross has been supporting with registration, first aid and linking families to lost loved ones

There are still communities cut off by floodwaters and by damaged roads and bridges. Villages on nearby islands have been completely levelled by the terrifying force of the storm. Fears of an outbreak of cholera have again been realised.

30,000 people are living in schools, unfinished hotels and other public buildings, their homes lost in the storm and subsequent flooding.

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Macomia, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, 30 April 2019. Jamil Onmour [foreground], 32, has been volunteering with the Mozambique Red Cross since 2007. “There was a strong wind and the houses began to fall,” said Jamil. “The coconut trees began to fall on the houses. We are very lucky that nobody died at here at least in this district.” “My house also has already fallen,” he continued. “I have no house. I am sleeping on the balconies of the people whose houses are less damaged [than mine].”
Irish Red Cross Ibo district, Mozambique, 2 May Cadria Cassamo, 27, Yacilu Amade, 2. “The winds came and the house fell [down]. Now we have nothing.”


John Chalessi [left] and Pedro Jose Maria [right]. The 60-year-olds, who had for a long time lived opposite each other, now find themselves sleeping in a converted sports hall with 600 others. “Everything happened so fast and the water took everything,” said John, who came to the centre with his family.
“We have nowhere to live right now and that is why we are here,” added Pedro. “Our homes are shaken. We are grateful that we are receiving sufficient [food]. We never slept hungry. Even with difficulty we are living healthily, we have no disease, we are receiving good support.”
Macomia, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, 30 April 2019. An unfinished hotel that now serves as evacuation centre in the town of Maconia, northern Mozambique. The town and surrounding district is one of the most affected areas by Cyclone Kenneth
Doña Ruti is 62 years old and lost everything because of the cyclone and the flooding afterwards. A volunteer of the Mozambican Red Cross helps her carrying the items to the place where Ruti lives. 'My whole house was swept away by the wind and the water. This area flooded completely. I had a house made of wood and sheet iron but now I have to live in a tent. I’m very happy with the help of the Red Cross. I lost everything, including my kitchenware. Now I have new basic items, I can start rebuilding my life again. My neighbour will come and help me with the shelter kit.