Field visit to Nepal ( Part two ) 

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Capacity-building through awareness and education

The Irish Red Cross (IRC), in cooperation with Nepal Red Cross (NRC), is currently implementing a Community Livelihood Promotion project in Myagdi District. Specifically, the project is focusing on three wards of Myagdi: Begkhola, Ducknam, and Chimkhola. The project was initiated in December 2018 and will continue until 2021. 

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Other training provided so far to community members include orange orchard Management provided to 54 households. Establishing supplementary income streams create better livelihoods opportunities in target IRC communities.

Sameer distributes Information and Educational Materials to a group of aspiring walnut farmers. 16 farmers have been selected to receive support in developing high value walnut crops. Nut production not only provides nutritious value to households but is also a sustainable and low-labour crop.
During this visit the PM was afforded the opportunity to visit a number of households who are receiving livelihood assistance. Pictured above is Ms Sangita, one of 23 participants who is being provided with support in setting up their homestay facility. Below the team visit a kiwi farm.

Community-based health promotion measures provided

As part of this initiative, IRC are also supporting small-scale health interventions that improve the health situation and that are focused on strengthening community-level capacities in dealing with minor health-related emergencies. To date, 72 community people have received orientation on first aid and were reached with different awareness sessions on community-based health.

After completion of first aid training a first aid kit box is provided to each participant.
Based on the needs identified during a health facilities assessment across all 3 wards, 20 stretchers are to be provided and placed in strategic locations so as to assist people who need to be transported to main road.

The project also organised 8 health-screening camps targeting people with disabilities. Following this, assistive devices such as walking aids, hearing devices, and glasses will be procured and distributed to 143 people

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