Finding Relatives Following Typhoon Haiyan

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As in any disaster, like the recent Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the need to know the fate of your family members is paramount. People become anxious to inform relatives of their wellbeing and let them know their whereabouts.

Since Typhoon Haiyan hit on November 10th, more than 35,000 tracing requests have been received by the Philippines Red Cross from around the world. 

To assist the Philippines Red Cross and RFL specialists on the ground, an online tracing service has been activated on the ICRC’s Family Links Website.  This website allows concerned relatives to:

•    Search on list of missing and alive persons
•    Register Missing Relatives
•    Register themselves as “I Am Alive” in order to inform their families that they are safe

The Family Links Website can be accessed here - visit the family links website


If you are in Ireland, or think that the person you wish to contact may be, the Irish Red Cross is continuing to provide the tracing services for those who do not have means to register missing relatives themselves.

Anyone still requiring Irish Red Cross assistance for tracing should contact Jennifer Wilson on (01) 6424600 or   We ask that persons seeking assistance provide a phone number when they e-mail so we can call them back to get all the details required for tracing.