Irish Red Cross Delegate goes to Afghanistan

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Irish Red Cross Delegate goes to Afghanistan

In September 2019, our overseas delegate Julia Murphy departed for Afghanistan to work as a Protection Delegate with theIrish Red Cross International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Protection, which is one of the core functions of ICRC, will see Julia’s primary function as a Protection Delegate concerned with limiting the dangers to which people, in her designated region – civilians in particular – are exposed to during armed conflict and other situations of violence. 

Julia’s responsibilities include documenting allegations of IHL violations, particularly related to the Protection of the Civilian Population. Julia is also responsible for collating information on changes in conflict as well as identifying trends in violations. Crucially, Julia also engages with the local communities to help them reduce their vulnerability and exposure to risk.

All this in a country where the ICRC has been active since 1987 and where because of the volatility of the situation and complexity of the political and military landscapes, humanitarian access is limited and conflict-affected people do not get the aid they need.

The location of Julia’s current role means she has had to quickly become accustomed to living in compound accommodation due to security restrictions but already four months into her new position, Julia has settled in to her role and surroundings.

This is Julia’s second mission with the Red Cross, having recently completed a post in Burundi where she acted in the position of field delegate. In this role, Julia visited detention facilities to monitor their treatment and living conditions and to help them exchange news with their families.

Julia has a Doctor of Philosophy in Peace & Conflict Studies from Trinity College Dublin and an MA in Conflict & Development from Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Lille. Prior to joining the Red Cross, Julia’s experience includes interning with UN OCHA in occupied Palestinian territory, interning with MSF in Barcelona and volunteering with Amnesty International in Waterloo, Belgium.

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