Lebanon: Red Cross Helping Syrian wounded and refugees

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The Red Cross and Red Crescent have been helping refugees since the onset of the crisis in Syria.

Tens of thousands of Syrians have taken refuge in neighbouring Lebanon after fleeing the fighting. Some are injured and in need of medical attention. Others are simply exhausted and vulnerable. Most refugees could bring virtually nothing with them as they crossed the border.

"Most of the refugees arrive in Lebanon with very little. They need such basic essentials as food, hygiene items, mattresses, blankets, household equipment and cooking utensils, so that they can look after their families," said Jurg Montani, head of the ICRC delegation in Lebanon. "As time goes by and their numbers increase, they represent an increasingly heavy burden for host communities, and their conditions become increasingly difficult, especially with winter approaching."

The Lebanese government and its partners, including the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), are providing aid to the Syrian refugees, estimated at some 120,000.

In addition to helping Syrian casualties, the Red Cross has distributed food and other aid to recently arrived refugees from Syria, including hundreds of Palestinian families who fled their camps in the country.

Photo: Rita, a Red Cross volunteer, entetrains a Syrian child living in Ajloun.