Rescue efforts in Turkey intensify as further quakes hit

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On the evening of November 9th two more earthquakes shook the Van province in Eastern Turkey. The first was of 5.6 magnitude and seven minutes later another tremor with a magnitude of 4.5 hit. 

25 buildings collapsed, but 23 of them were empty due to evacuation procedures. Two hotels collapsed and at least seven people were reportedly killed. 25 people have been rescued so far with an estimation of at least one hundred people trapped in the debris. Search and rescue efforts continue today. 


The Turkish Red Crescent immediately dispatched 15,000 tents and some 300 rescue workers to meet the increased need after this newest development in the disaster.


The Turkish Red Crescent has made all its emergency response units (five regional, two local and one national) fully operational and established the Crisis Management Desk in the Disaster Management Centre in its headquarters at Ankara and at four regional and local Disaster Management centres. In order to meet the most urgent shelter and food needs, relief items have been delivered to the field and are being distributed among the affected population. 


Since November 8th 2011, the Turkish Red Crescent has been providing approximately 20,000 meals (hot meal, hot drink and bread three times per day) for approximately 9,000 disaster-affected people and rescue workers.


This follows the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Van province near the Iranian border in eastern Turkey only weeks ago. At 7.2 on the Richter scale, this quake was the most powerful earthquake to hit Turkey in over a decade, and equal in force to the one that struck Haiti early in 2010 causing widespread devastation.